1. Did you also have lessons planned to go with each book (like an interactive read aloud) or were these simply used for students to listen to reading?
    I would love to do this in my classroom but have no clue how I’d find the time with our jam packed schedule.

    1. Hi Christina,

      I had a hard time working it in at first…I really had to rework my schedule! It ended up taking the place of our morning meeting (most of it)…we always had a quick greeting and shared news, then read the story.

      I didn’t plan lessons for the books, as we used the time to discuss plot, characters, vocabulary and so much more as we read. I did incorporate interactive character trait and theme boards from Joanne Miller, to get the most out of this time. We LOVED it and my students learned so much! It was our favorite time of the day ????

      Here are links to those Joanne’s interactive boards:

      Interactive Character Traits

      Interactive Theme Board

      I hope this helps! Thanks for reading!!


      1. Could I ask how you incorporated the character traits? Did you discuss and get one student to add? Or did multiple students add? How did you pick your character traits?

        1. Hi Christine,

          Absolutely! We discussed and one or two students would add the traits. I chose the traits that I knew we would encounter in our read alouds. Thanks for reading!

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