Google Slides have become a tool I rely on to manage my classroom over the years. It’s just so easy to create with them! And they make the perfect visual to share with your students on a classroom television or computer projector. Now I will be honest with you. These slides were made out of […]

Managing Our Classroom with Google Slides

using google slides to manage our classroom

Creating color swatces for your Google Drive is an easy way to save time when you design assignments for your students. All you will need to do is to choose a color palette of your favorite shades and save them in a format that will work for Docs, Slides, and Sheets. This template goes with […]

Custom Color Swatches for Your Google Drive

custom color swatches for your google drive

Google Drive shortcuts provide such a nice way to save time while working with Docs, Slides, and Sheets. And some of these shortcuts only require one simple keystroke! Such a timesaver! The only problem? It can be tough to remember all the different options. But I have a way to help remember those shortcuts…and save […]

Google Drive Shortcuts At-A-Glance

google drive shortcuts at a glance

Making number lines with tables in Google Slides will make your math life MUCH easier! Tables are the perfect little tool to line everything up with ease. And creating and storing these number lines in Google Slides will make it easy to use them again and again! WHY USE TABLES? I use tables for ALL […]

Making Number Lines with Tables in Google Slides

making number lines with tables in google slides

Making fractions with tables in Google Slides is an easy way to save yourself TONS of time this year! Once you’ve created the templates you need with tables, you can save them to reuse again and again. WHY USE TABLES? I know many people like to use textboxes in Google Slides, but tables really do […]

Making Fractions with Tables in Google Slides

making fractions in tables with google slides

This is a bittersweet post for me to write. I absolutely LOVE my position as a math coach now. But my heart aches a bit when I think of all the books I used to read with my students each day. And not just the novels…I miss our daily picture book read alouds so much. Hands […]

Quick Tips to Start (and Maintain!) #ClassroomBookADay

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