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I have a surprise to share… Actually, I have TWO surprises! I LOVE sharing ideas and tech tips on my blog and Instagram. But lately I’ve been wanting to do a bit more for our community. I know we are all facing an incredibly challenging year ahead and I would love to help out in a […]

YouTube Channel and Weekly Newsletter Launching this Week!

Did you know you can design PERFECT fraction circles in no time using Google Sheets? They are all measured out for you instantly! And it gets better… You can also choose any color scheme for your fraction circle clipart. AND…you can easily add labels for each section, with little work on your end! Here are […]

Design Fraction Circles with Google Sheets

Hey there! This is the world’s shortest blog post to share something nice for all of those Google teachers out there! Back over the summer, I asked my readers on Instagram to share some of their favorite go-to Google Fonts. Their responses were AMAZING! I collected a huge list of favorites and compiled them into […]

55 Favorite Google Fonts

Happy November! I realize Halloween season is now over, but I wanted to share some elementary-friendly music backgrounds I found for my class this year. These were a BIG hit with my students! Some of these videos are great for Halloween Day, while others will work for the season. I shared a quick overview and […]

Elementary-Friendly Halloween Music and Backgrounds

I have kept a classroom website for as long as I can remember. And I used to keep very elaborate sites! I remember the years when I had extensive information about each subject for parents…it’s probably around here on my blog somewhere! But a LOT has changed over time. And people don’t always have the […]

A Google Sites Classroom Website