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Digital Read Aloud Tracker


Keep track of all your read alouds for the school year! Alphabetize your collection and check off as you read each title…it also keeps a running total of books read!

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Digital Read Aloud Tracker

Years back, I began the #classroombookaday challenge, created by Jillian Heise at The premise was simple…read a picture book each day of the school year.
It was one of the best things I have ever done for my class.
My students were immersed in a high volume of quality literature. They became such thoughtful readers who noticed important details…they were able to determine the themes of books unlike any class I had taught before. And the comparisons between the other books and characters we discussed was just priceless.
But I had one problem.
It became quite a challenge to keep up with so many titles, especially as the school year grew busier. In the midst of planning, grading, testing, and more I found myself falling off track in planning what to read next…sometimes I even forgot which titles we had read earlier in the year!
So I designed the Read Aloud Tracker, to help keep my titles organized and to find my next read aloud with ease.
What is the Read Aloud Tracker?
The Read Aloud Tracker provides an instant way to keep tabs on your daily read alouds. Using beautifully-designed, color-coded Google Sheets the tracker will help you:
  • sort titles alphabetically
  • automatically count the total number of books in your collection
  • keep a running count of how many books you’ve read with your class


  • This resource includes visuals, setup steps, and time-saving tips. PLEASE NOTE: The setup guide is within the digital resource. When you open the Google Sheets, you will find a separate tab leading to the instructions for setting up your Read Aloud Tracker.
    Please see the preview file for a overview of all the features included.


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Digital Read Aloud Tracker