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Reading Trackers Bundle


These reading trackers will help you and your students keep track of all the books this school year…and for years to come!

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1. Digital Read Aloud Tracker

The Read Aloud Tracker provides an instant way to keep tabs on your daily read alouds. Using beautifully-designed, color-coded Google Sheets the tracker will help you:

  • sort titles alphabetically
  • automatically count the total number of books in your collection
  • keep a running count of how many books you’ve read with your class

This resource includes visuals, setup steps, and time-saving tips.

2. Digital Class Reading Tracker (with Genres)

The Digital Class Reading Tracker provides an eye-catching, instant way to keep track of all the books and genres your students read as a community!


These reading trackers include Google Forms and Google Sheets with so many time-saving features to sort, track, and count all the books read in your class!

Please see the preview tab for an in-depth look at each resource.


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Class Reading Tracker Preview

Read Aloud Tracker Preview


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Reading Trackers Bundle