Digital Planning Icons


These 30 icons have been designed for any digital planner. The icons make it easy to find those lessons fast!

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Digital Planning Icons

This resource is included in the Digital Timesavers Bundle (Limited Edition)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as you are reading through your lesson plans each day? There’s so much coming at us all the time! I always found myself scanning my color-coded planner for just what I need, but not finding it fast enough.

Last year I started adding icons to my plans and it was SUCH a time-saver! Not to just make my plans “pretty”…but crisp, clear visuals to help me find things, FAST!

These eye-catching icons have been designed for any online planner. This resource includes some quick tips on adding them to PowerPoint, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and


There are 30 different icons to represent all types of classes/subjects. All icons have been carefully designed for clarity. Each icon comes in 6 different color themes…for a total of 180 icons to choose from!

Icons Included:

  1. backpack
  2. basketball hoop
  3. book
  4. book stack
  5. bookmark
  6. book shelf
  7. calendar
  8. celebration
  9. checklist
  10. crayons
  11. cupcake
  12. dice
  13. fruit
  14. gears
  15. graph
  16. laptop
  17. magnifying glass
  18. map
  19. math operations
  20. music notes
  21. notebook
  22. paper
  23. shapes
  24. show/performance
  25. sneaker
  26. tablet
  27. talking bubbles
  28. ticket
  29. utensils
  30. water bottle


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