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Digital Math Tools BUNDLE


This huge collection of premade math templates will save you SO much time! Copy and paste a template, add your numbers in, and you have your own assignment ready to go!

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Are you spending too much time making math resources for your students?

I’m always working to create specific, focused math problems to go with our mini-lessons…but it was taking SO much time to design those resources each day!

Then I found the answer…a huge collection of pre-made math templates!

Now I just copy the templates I need, paste them into a new assignment, add the digits I want my students to solve, and my math resources are ready in no time.

This resource features hundreds of colorful math tools…all set up for you and your students. Simply use the visual menu to jump right to the tools you need, copy them, and paste them right into a Google slide for your class.

Resource Features:

  • 175 Google Slides with hundreds of fraction and decimal templates
  • Time-saving visual menus with jump links, to get you right to the tools you need
  • Bright, eye-catching colors to engage your students
  • Clean, clear designs to provide effective math visuals
  • Completely editable designs…you can create the exact problems your students will need to solve

There are two resources in this bundle:

  1. Numbers and Operations Math Tools
  2. Fractions and Decimals Math Tools


  • addition templates (standard algorithm)
  • subtraction templates (standard algorithm)
  • multiplication templates (standard algorithm)
  • division templates (standard algorithm)
  • multiplication area models (2×1 digit, 3×1 digit, 4×1 digit, 2×2 digit)
  • division area models (3×1 digit, 2×1 digit)
  • division partial quotients template (3×1 digit, 2×1 digit, with and without remainders)
  • numbers lines
  • tenths grids (for decimals and fractions)
  • hundredths grids (for decimal and fractions from 0.01 to 1.00)
  • fraction number lines (n/d, n/10, n/100)
  • decimal number lines (between 0 and 1 or your choice)
  • fraction equations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division…n/d + n/d =n/d)
  • equivalent fractions (n/d=n/d)
  • fraction bars (from one whole to twelfths)
  • fraction models (from halves to twelfths, all fractions in between)


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Numbers and Operations Preview

Fractions and Decimals Preview


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Digital Math Tools BUNDLE