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Lessons at a Glance


Save time and NEVER repeat directions again! These eye-catching slides will help you organize your lessons and save precious minutes.

(included in the Google Classroom Management BUNDLE)

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This resource is included in the Digital Timesavers Bundle (Limited Edition)

Are you tired of repeating what students need for a lesson? Do you spend precious minutes in despair, watching your class scramble for materials? Would you like an instant way to keep all of your students on track?

In 2017, I started projecting all of the important information for each of our lessons in a Google slide—and it has made a world of difference in our class! My students know exactly what they need and I never repeat directions.

Please Note: The icons included in this resource are for personal use only with Lessons at a Glance. Thank you!


  • Bright, eye-catching Google Slide templates
  • 140 color-coordinating icons
  • A clean, identical layout for each template
  • Beautiful color schemes, ideal for color-coding lessons by subject area
  • Completely editable text
  • Five slides for each color scheme to set up Monday through Friday slides
  • An additional set of all colors combined into one file


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Lessons at a Glance