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Do you use dry erase pockets for your math visuals? I LOVE them…

But there was one problem.

I found I was constantly changing out my math visuals as we moved onto to new concepts…and it was so time-consuming! So I started using Math Mats with Tabs and I cannot believe how much time I save now!

See them in action here: 3 Ways to Save Time in Math Every Day

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Math Mats with Tabs

Math Mats with Tabs were created for your students to manage their math visuals…and to save you SO MUCH time!

This resource was designed to provide a streamlined way for you to store up to 10 different math visuals for your students to use in dry erase pockets.

No need to constantly reorganize and replace math visuals for each new lesson…your students can just grab what they need with ease!

With a clean layout and easy-to-read icons, your students will be empowered to manage their math learning.


  1. Dot Matrix Paper
  2. Grid Paper
  3. 0-99 Charts
  4. 1-100 Charts
  5. 1-120 Charts
  6. 1-200 Charts
  7. Ten Frames
  8. Number Bonds
  9. Number Lines
  10. Shapes for Partitioning
  11. Fraction Bars
  12. Bar Models
  13. Bar Model Number Lines
  14. Decimal Models
  15. Place Value Charts
  16. Coordinate Planes

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Math Mats with Tabs