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Math Toolkit Resources Bundle


These math toolkit resources will empower your students keep track of their math materials, saving you SO much time! Featuring easy-to-read icons, your students will know exactly what they need to keep track of in their math toolkits.

No more lost materials….no more time wasted in passing out manipulatives!

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These four resources will help you build math toolkits your students will use EVERY day.

These timesavers will help you create and stock your math toolkits with clear, meaningful resources…just add manipulatives from your class and you will be ready to go!


Math Toolkit Labels and Checklists

Labels and checklists to empower your students to organize their math materials… your students will know exactly what they need to keep track of in their math toolkits.


Multiples Charts

A clean, easy-to-read visual reference to help students acquire fact fluency…without getting lost in a multiplication table. The small size is perfect to store in a math toolkit for daily use!


Fact Fluency Triangles: Multiplication and Division

These triangular fact fluency cards help students learn not only multiplication facts, but division facts as well! This resource features unique pockets that are ideal for self-checking as your students work independently…or a perfect way to practice with a partner during math rotations.


Fact Fluency Triangles: Addition and Subtraction

A second set of triangular flashcards to help students memorize their addition and subtraction facts beyond a simple “addend plus addend equals sum”. Instead, students focus on the relationship of the three numbers, leading to important thinking such as “5 plus what number equals 12?”.


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  1. Math Toolkit Labels and Checklists
  2. Multiples Charts
  3. Fact Triangles: Multiplication and Divison
  4. Fact Triangles: Addition and Subtraction


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Math Toolkit Resources Bundle