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Student Binder Organization


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Want to set up student binders for your class? These resources and quick steps will help you create student binder organization, FAST! You will be amazed at how quickly you can create a binder system for your students…and you will LOVE how organized they are, all school year long!

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student binder organization

Do you use student binders to organize assignments? My students LOVE their binders so much!

But honestly? They can be pretty time-consuming to set up. I mean, there are all those little white papers that have to slide into each tiny divider tab. Which inevitably fall out as the weeks go by.

Finally, one summer, I resolved to STOP spending so much time setting up student binders that wouldn’t last the year.

Instead, I turned to pre-numbered tabs and it was a game changer. I designed a matching table of contents with icons, so my students could find and organize assignments with ease, added a coordinating cover…and my binders were set up in a matter of minutes!

And it gets better. Handing out assignments became a breeze…all I had to do was write a little number at the top of a paper before photocopying, hole punch, and my students took care of the rest!

PLEASE NOTE: This resource was designed to be used with Avery Number Tab Dividers. Links to these dividers are provided.


  • bright, coordinating table of contents for 5 tab or 8 tab dividers by Avery
  • 30 icon options, so you can choose what works best for your class
  • completely customizable text, to use the subject names you need
  • coordinating clipart, to create your own student binder covers
  • step-by-step video instructions to help you create a class set of binders, in no time!


  1. book
  2. bookmark
  3. bookshelf
  4. book stack
  5. celebration
  6. checklist
  7. clock
  8. compass
  9. crayons
  10. dice
  11. exit ticket
  12. folder
  13. fraction
  14. gears
  15. globe
  16. goggles
  17. graph
  18. heart
  19. laptop
  20. magnifying glass
  21. math symbols
  22. music notes
  23. notebook
  24. papers
  25. pencil and paper
  26. shapes
  27. sneaker
  28. tablet
  29. talking bubble
  30. writing paper


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Student Binder Organization