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Feeling overwhelmed with everything teaching? Me too.

So I turned to Google Keep and created a management system to keep track of EVERYTHING: notes, dates, emails, field trips, special events, report cards, data, reminders, to-do lists…

ALL the information.


You might be thinking, I already know about Google Keep! I don’t need more checklists.

But we can take your Keep to a new level—well beyond those checklists:


And I will help you get this done…



Never frantically looking for that post-it you stuck to your laptop (which is now on the bottom of a student’s shoe).

Never having to think, Where did I see that information before? I KNOW I have it somewhere…

Never needing to ask your colleagues, “when is that due?”

Never slowing your planning pace, searching endlessly for bits of important information scattered among an endless chain of emails and notes.


You will be empowered to design your own beautifully-customized, streamlined management tool to hold ALL of your teaching information, in one place.

You will have peace of mind, knowing everything you need is kept together (and right at your fingertips).

You will have confidence in your organization. You will show up to any meeting, conference, workshop…ANY event, always prepared.

You will take your planning to a new level, having all the necessary information available in one easy-to-navigate location.

And will save SO.MUCH.TIME.

6 MODULEScarefully chosen to help to guide you through designing with ease 29 VISUAL LESSONSclear, succinct lessons filled with time-saving videos and images
21 CONCISE VIDEOSBRIEF videos with quick and easy step-by-step visuals…(about 45 total minutes of video time!) 5 TIME-SAVING RESOURCESplanning templatescustom color swatchesicon resourcesheader templatestext templates
ON-SITE COMMUNITY SUPPORTa designated space to share your creations for this project and ask any questions, right on the site COUNTLESS QUICK STEPSevery single part of this course is embedded with quick tips to help you design in no time
PLEASE NOTE: You will need access to Google Chrome for this course!
MODULE 1: OVERVIEW A quick welcome to the course and a peek at all the incredible organization we’ll be creating together.
MODULE 2: LABELS The key to setting up Google Keep FAST lies in the labels. We’ll use a special planning sheet to figure out the EXACT labels you’ll need for your Keep….and we’ll go through all the quick steps to add your labels in just minutes.
MODULE 3: DESIGN In this module, I’ll guide you through designing beautiful, eye-catching headers that will organize all the information you will need this school year (and for years to come)! Creating custom colors, adding icons, color-coding tips, a special text secret…this module is JAM-PACKED with easy steps to help you create quickly!
MODULE 4:TEXT Google Keep is fairly limited when it comes to text, unfortunately. No bold, no italics, no favorite fonts…no problem! In this module, we’ll take a look at several ways we can make your text STAND OUT and easy to read.
MODULE 5:TEMPLATES We will learn how to create instant templates that will be ready at a moments’ notice…so even if you are running late for that meeting, you’ll be prepared! (PLUS, I have a ton of ready-to-go templates you can just paste right into your notes!)
MODULE 6:ORGANIZATION Google Keep has so many features to enhance your notes and take them to the next level. In this module, we’ll take a quick look at all the extras, so you can learn the ins and outs of each in just minutes!

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    5 out of 5

    Jennifer MacArthur (verified owner)

    Mind Blown

    My feelings about this course can be summed up with one emoji 🤯 (mind…blown). An absolute game changer for organization.

    I loved the bite-sized videos/modules and the content was absolute perfection. Not to mention there were so many cool tips and tricks along the way.

    This course was the perfect way to unwind after what seemed like the longest first week of school ever!

    I can’t wait to see what the next course will be!

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