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There’s nothing so beautiful as seeing your students happily reading, am I right? I’ve been working really hard this year to convert so of my not-big-fans-of-reading into voracious readers…and I am starting to see them take off now! One of my favorite tools to help with this has been our Book Request Form…and I wanted to […]

Giving Students a Voice in Our Classroom Library

It’s another beautiful month of Bright Ideas! And I’m sharing a little system that helps me get things in order every day. Namely paperwork. Because we all know how quickly paperwork can get out of order, don’t we?  Especially those quick-to-accumulate student papers! I know there are so many wonderful ways to organize student papers […]

Getting Things in Order (Keeping Track of Student Papers)

I know I’ve talked incessantly about my love of binders on here over the years. And, while they are still so appealing in their sleek, organized way…I have found a new true love this year. ❤ My Pro-Click Binding Machine ❤ I first learned about this beautiful tool on Reagan’s blog, Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits: How […]

Keeping it Together with a Classroom Binding Machine

Sounds kind of unteacherly, doesn’t it? But I promise it isn’t! Before I tell you though, I must share the exciting news…it’s a new month of Bright Ideas! And, just like last time, I’m linking up with tons of my blogging friends to bring you another month filled with teaching ideas. In a crazy-hectic year, […]

Don’t Answer Questions

Hello dear friends!  I have to tell you, every time I look at my blog I get this horrible-pit-of-sadness-feeling over my lack of blogging this year.  I miss it terribly. I miss YOU all even more! But you know how it goes I’m sure, more than anyone else does. New standards to implement, lesson planning […]

Make a Digital Plan (with