Attaching Labels to Book Bins

July 11, 2013

Attaching Labels to Book Bins

July 11, 2013
Today was very hot. And humid. But I dragged my poor sister to my classroom anyhow (thank you Melissa!!!). She worked the contact paper, I worked on my library.

My Library: The Never-Ending Project
Perhaps that would have been a more appropriate title for this post. But I really do think I finally, FINALLY have it the way I like it. And the way that will work best for my students.

I reconfigured some of my genres, got rid of the leveled section (I was never a huge fan of that to begin with, but we had received a leveled library), and put all of those books in with the other genres/subjects.
In my new, beautiful bins…
…they are the stacking bins from Really Good Stuff (the green link will take you to the exact kind) and they hold a nice amount of books. And they match all the rest of my decor, which makes my organizational heart happy 🙂

Now that I’ve had a chance to extol (extoll?) about my bins, I wanted to share a little tip on attaching labels because this is something I’ve been emailed a lot about in the past.
I always print my labels on cardstock, then laminate them for durability (plus it makes them bright and shiny).
Then, I use hot glue to attach them. 
I think I have it down to a science (after a series of burnings…turns out shorts and hot glue aren’t always the best combination).
I put a bit of glue at the top, center part of the bin (where the top of the label will be attached):
I attach the top of the label and let it adhere for a bit (please ignore my ugly hands/nails, I promised them a manicure when all this setup is over):
Once the label is on the bin pretty well, I carefully lift it up and put glue along the right, left, center, and bottom parts of where the label will be:

Then I smooth it down and voila!

Not too bad! Today I would glue the tops of six labels at a time, let them cool, then go back and glue them completely down. I was like a hot-gluing machine!
How do you like to attach your organizational labels? Do you have tips to share with us? I would love to hear them!

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