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As teachers, we often joke about the “things they didn’t teach us in college”. From classroom management systems to organizational techniques, teaching can get pretty overwhelming. There is just so much more to do than “teaching” the class. We must keep track of EVERYTHING going on in our classrooms. And I’ve always found this to […]

Keeping Track of Everything with Checklists

It seems like we are busier and busier each year, doesn’t it? More tests to score, data to track, work to differentiate…the list just never ends. And that busy schedule can make it hard for me to plan special events for my class. Yet I want to make those holidays memorable for my students, like […]

Halloween Table Settings for Busy Teachers

I feel so fortunate to teach newcomer English Language Learners. They work so hard and absolutely love coming to school each and every day! And there is nothing more rewarding than seeing them acquire English as they learn grade level content. It can be challenging work though…especially when new students come midyear and are not […]

What To Do When They Are New

Happy Holidays my dear readers! I hope you are already at home enjoying the beginning days of your vacation. BUT, just in case you are still in school, I am sharing a little student gift I made for my class this week (we are in school on Monday and for a half day on Tuesday). […]

Editable Holiday Coupons for Student Gifts

The holiday season is here and I can hardly contain the thoughts of baking cookies, shopping, wrapping gifts, and spending quality time with my loved ones. But wait, I’m a teacher. I don’t have any time for these things. I have a trillion things to do!! Trimester assessments, projects, grading papers, publishing writing pieces, report […]

Save Yourself Some Merry Little Minutes…