Using Precise Colors in PowerPoint

August 24, 2016

Using Precise Colors in PowerPoint

August 24, 2016
I learned a new trick today that is going to be very helpful in designing printables in PowerPoint, so I wanted to share it with you!
Have you ever used the eyedropper or magnifying glass tool to get the perfect text color in your PowerPoint?

Whenever I select the shade I want with the magnifying glass, it is always slightly off in color:
But there is a solution to this!

If you can find the hex color code of the color you want, you can convert it to RGB in PowerPoint to get the exact shade you need.

Sound confusing? I promise it’s not!
First use the hex code. If you know your hex code, you will go to the next step. If you don’t use hex codes, you can use a color code website (I’ll be sharing one further down) to choose your favorite shades.
Head to the site

 Enter your hex code:
 And the RGB will pop right up.
Now head into your PowerPoint slide. Highlight the text and choose the color menu, then More Colors:
Next, choose RGB Sliders. This is where you will enter the values you found for Red, Green, and Blue:
This will give your text the precise shade you want! And, it will stay in your recent colors in case you need it again during your design session:
If you don’t normally use hex codes but would like to work with more precise colors, there are many hex code websites out there (this one is HTML Color Picker):
You can select the code of any color you would like to use in your design:

And convert it to RGB:

And that’s it! I hope this was of some help if you have been looking to use more precise colors in your designs. 
Do you have any PowerPoint tips to share with us?

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