Quick Tips for Back to School

August 21, 2016

Quick Tips for Back to School

August 21, 2016
Our students don’t start back until September 6th this year, but I am definitely feeling the crunch to get things done. And I’m pretty sure everyone is feeling that same crunch right now, whether you are back in class or working hard to get your room set up for a new year. So I’m very excited to share this news with you…and it’s going to be QUICK to save you some precious minutes this weekend! I am teaming up with some of my friends to share some quick tips for the new school year, as well as a chance to win a $25 gift card to TpT (just in time for the big, one day sitewide sale on Monday!).

So this school year I am trying to get a bit more organized with my paperwork…especially those papers going to and from the copy machine. This is actually an idea I adapted from my sister over at Fashion Craze Learning Days. I will be using a few accordion folders to store my original copies:

(I found these at Target, they are 6 pocket expanding files.)
I made tabs for the different types of work we do in a particular subject area:
As I print off the work for my class each week, I will slip the original into the corresponding tab and take the whole file (or files) with me to the copy machine:
I plan to put the copies back into the pockets so they stay organized by name (instead of putting my papers into those huge piles at the copier, facing different directions like I have in the past!) Then I’m going to place them into the corresponding file drawers that I use for our daily/weekly papers:
I have 18 drawers for my files (two stacks of 9 drawers) and color-code the subjects with these labels.
If you would like to try the photocopy labels in your class this year, please click the image below for this free resource:
If you would like some more options in this same color scheme for your class, please see this resource:
Are you ready to enter for a chance to win a $25 giftcard to TpT? There are 8 chances to win if you visit each of our blogs…thanks for reading!

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