Design with the Best Resolution (in PowerPoint)

January 25, 2015

Design with the Best Resolution (in PowerPoint)

January 25, 2015
Resolution Tips for PowerPoint Printables
Are you looking for some professional-quality, high-resolution images in your designs? It may be easier than you think, thanks to some great options available in PowerPoint!
To backtrack just a bit…  
PowerPoint (among it’s other wonderful features!) has an option to save slides as pictures:
(does the mini-80s homage give away my age a bit??)
So after you have designed a presentation, each slide can be saved as an image:
This is ideal for creating previews images of your products or for embedding images into the background of slides, to create editable resources (would you like to learn more about that? Please leave a comment below if so!). There are so many possibilities with this feature!
The only problem? The image resolution. 
The default setting for “Save as Pictures” in PowerPoint is a lower-quality JPG…which means the images can come out a bit grainy. And all of those beautiful clipart images you have so carefully chosen for your printable can start to look a bit pixelated.
But there’s a solution!
Your slide images can be saved as a PNG (a higher-quality format). AND you can choose the picture resolution! 
Which means you can go from this grainier-looking slide:

to this clean, crisp, and more professional-looking image:
(click on this image and toggle back to the previous one to see the difference)
And it’s very easy to do!
When choosing “Save as Pictures”, click on the Format drop down menu and select PNG:

 then click the Options button:
This will bring you to a menu of different choices:

For a higher image resolution, change the dpi (dots per inch) to a higher number. I usually go with 600:

You can also adjust the image quality in a drop down menu at the bottom of this box:

Once you have made the adjustments of your choice, click OK and PowerPoint will automatically set up a folder of pictures for each slide…and you are on your way to designing with high-quality images.
Please Note: If you are uploading preview slides to TpT, you will want to adjust these settings back to a lower-quality JPG (and 72 dpi)…otherwise your preview images will be too large to upload.
Have you used the “Save as Pictures” feature in PowerPoint yet?

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