A Parent Volunteer Gift Idea

June 9, 2014

A Parent Volunteer Gift Idea

June 9, 2014
For the first time EVER I am actually ahead of schedule for my parent volunteer gifts!!! And they are ready just in time for Tara’s lovely…
They are also ready for you, in case you would like to use any of the ideas or free files in this post!
So. I am very fortunate to have two room parents who have coordinated all of our major festivities this year…and they have done so much to create those memorable moments for our class. 
I knew I wanted to find a different way to show thanks, so I thought of wrapping up a bit of summer for them!
My sister (Fashion Craze Learning Days) and I had a blast shopping for these. Here are the goodies I found:
Plastic Mason Jar
These are so trendy right now and I was psyched to find some that are dishwasher-safe for my families!
Summer-Themed Gifts
First we gathered summery (is this a word?) gifts for under a dollar each. Can I tell you how much I love the color-scheme of these Kool-Aid packets? These are for the kids in the family:
Iced tea for the adults:
A huge bubble wand:
And one of those wooden plane-things (REMEMBER those?? Takes me back…):
For the larger part of the gift, I also got a few giftcards to the movies:
Mason Jar Label
Here’s the best part of the whole gift…I had an excuse to make a new label! I used a simple phrase and design, printed it on cardstock, then taped it to the jar.
Then I made a second little tag with the thank you message for each of my families:
 (I erased the names on the card if it looks a little funny)
And here they are, all ready to go!
They were so much fun to put together!
If you are still in school and would like to try this idea for your volunteers, a complete list of materials is below:
plastic mason jar
bubble wand
Kool-Aid drink packets

wooden airplane-thing
(for lack of the actual name…I’m ready for summer vacation!)
movie giftcards

Thank You Labels and Tags
please click on the image to download for free:
I hope some of you might be able to use these…thanks so much for visiting!

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