Organizing Files for the Week

November 28, 2013

Organizing Files for the Week

November 28, 2013
Happy, Happy Thanksgiving my friends! I hope your day is filled with fun, laughter, and great food!

As a very small way of saying thanks to you today, I have a little organizational file to share.

First, I will be very honest and share a picture of how my table looked a couple of months ago.

Brace yourself, it’s not very organized…
and PROMISE you will not pin this image!!!
Ok, I realize it’s not the end of the world and please believe me, my table has been MUCH worse but that really is a totally jumbled mess of things stuck in random pretty bins. And I couldn’t find anything I needed without an extensive search.
This is why I have to label literally every.single.thing in my room. 
Otherwise I tend to just throw supplies and files into random bins, just to have a clear workspace.
I finally have it under control now, with some new labels and a set of folders…
(see the sunshine all around them, giving them a glow of happiness? That’s how I feel when I see my table now!)
I made labels for Monday through Friday and then folders for each subject and part of our day, for each day of the week:
This lets me file work ahead of time (if I’m ever lucky enough to be ahead of schedule!!)
and keeps everything filed away for the day, without looking cluttered:
The best part? 

If we don’t get to an activity, or it must be extended to the next day, I just move the folders on down.
I have two additional bins, for Assessment Papers and Important Forms as well:
The Important Forms bin holds folders for permission slips, book orders, popcorn orders, goal forms, class lists…anything and everything I could think of to keep filed away.
I’ve had the bins set up like this for a couple of months now and everything is just where it should be. Now I can find my files very quickly, even at those really hectic times (which is all the time during our day, right??)

In case you would like to try this kind of system out, I do have the labels above to share, just click on the image below to download:

I hope there are some who can use this out there! And I hope you have the happiest of holidays…thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

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