Optimum Organization: Stacking Bins as Book Bins

July 13, 2013

Optimum Organization: Stacking Bins as Book Bins

July 13, 2013

Happy Saturday everyone! If it weren’t for our weekly linky party…

I don’t think I’d know what day it is! I’m always so happy to see all of the wonderful organizational ideas each week 🙂

So. I know I’ve been showing a few pictures of my library bins this week and this is what I would like to feature for my Optimum Organization…because they are wonderful!!
They are called stacking bins from Really Good Stuff and they are meant for all kinds of storage. I wasn’t sure if they would work out well for my books…the website shows them holding books by facing the bin the long way, like this:

But I didn’t want that ridgy side to show, because I thought it would be too hard to attach a label to it. Plus I’m weird about having a smooth surface face front.

So I decided to try them out and face them this way instead…

They have worked so well! These bins can hold picture books really nicely…
and are wide enough to hold two rows of chapter books, side by side…
(sorry for the uninspiring pictures…it was SO hot the other day I just took a couple and left! More to come!)

I always worry excessively before I make a big purchase like this. I drive my bloggy friends crazy with questions, make measurements, second-guess myself…but it was all worth it this time because these bins will keep the heart of our classroom very organized!
Do you have an organizational find or tip you would like to share with us this week? Elizabeth and I would love to see you at…

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