Be gone, Clutter!

  1. ~Stephanie says:

    Looks awesome! When you are done, head on over my way πŸ˜‰

    Teaching in Room 6

  2. Amanda says:

    Inspiring! I still haven't moved beyond taking the before pictures. Maybe I need you to mentor me. πŸ™‚

  3. Looks great! I finished cleaning out my desk today and the janitor was moving it out tonight. I have sooo much more room now! I am glad I took the plunge! Thanks for all the words of encouragement. I will have to post a picture on Monday because I forgot my camera.

  4. Looks wonderful! I haven't been inspired to do much more than take my before pictures! There's just so little time!
    Stories From Second

  5. Kim says:

    Hi Kristen:
    Only you could make a stack of books look so lovely!
    You are always a source of inspiration for me.
    And the next time I use my book binder, I will think of you!

    Happy weekend, BlogFriend,

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. Rachelle says:

    Seriously??!?!? You could make a pile of garbage look fabulous and organized!!!!!!!


  7. I am de-cluttering my house if that counts for anything:) I just love posts like this because it totally inspires me to get busy!! Thanks for the pictures!

  8. Brittany says:

    Looks great!! Doesn't it always feel so nice when you know your classroom is organized?

    Ms. Green Apple

  9. Thanks for linking up. It still surprises me that you have clutter. Enjoy the weekend!

    ❀Jodi from…
    β˜…β˜…The Clutter-Free Classroomβ˜…β˜…
    Helping Teachers Get Organized

  10. Kate says:

    Looks great! I really need to be better about staying organized!!
    To The Square Inch

  11. Jess says:

    Yeah looks great! I just clean out my cabinet too and need to post pictures today!
    Rambling About Reading

  12. Kristin says:

    I seriously didn't think your before picture was cluttered. Now I see the difference. I think. πŸ™‚
    No decluttering going on here. I am way too lazy. And I just shut the cupboard doors. There's only one that's driving me crazy but I think it will have to wait until the summer. We'll see. For now, I just close the door. πŸ™‚
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  13. Looks great!!! Way to go!!! Totally adopting your book binding idea!

    have a great weekend!

    ❀ Mor Zrihen from…
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  14. busyizzie says:

    Thank you for your last line that said decluttering has taken you nearly 2 years. I have just started and keep finding old files and information I no longer need, but between teaching and grading and hosting a math club for students who need extra help in math, and teaching college, I can't see decluttering being a fast job.

    I like your laminating idea, but more so the glue gun idea.

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