All-in-One Teacher Binder

  1. Fitbecky says:

    Wow! Thanks Kristen! I think I will use these tabs for my binder too! I also love the meeting notes. You Rock!!!


  2. oh' boy says:

    love it!!! I too am thinking about one binder!!! thanks and I love your F&P color code!!!

  3. JJ says:

    Love, Love, Love the tabs and I've been trying to figure how I wanted to really jazz up my complete binder for school….now I have it….you rock!!!!!!

  4. I LOVE it!! You are so organized!!! I love your reading level guides. Is there someplace where I can get this form? πŸ™‚
    You have inspired me!! πŸ™‚ Thank you! πŸ™‚

  5. Pearlann66 says:

    I too am a BINDER addict!
    Thanks for sharing your graphics.

  6. Mrs. Blake says:

    Kristen, you are amazing! I have been devouring your blog and have been inspired to make several changes this year! I get kids starting Monday, and setting up my binder was my task for today- you can imagine how excited I was to see your post. πŸ™‚ Thanks for giving me an extra dose of enthusiasm to begin this year!

  7. Unknown says:

    I was just thinking about redoing my binder for this year, and this is so helpful! Thank you!!

  8. I can't wait to see your classroom pictures. I love your new color scheme. I know your students are "older", but I think older kids want a cute organized classroom just as much or even more than the little ones. I love your blog and your ideas. Thanks! SO awesome!!!!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  9. ha ha…thanks so much for your comment. I made the labels and most of the signs. There were a few things I got from blogs though. I tried to post the source if I showed anything in a picture that wasn't created by me. I have to have things labeled and my labels have to match or life just isn't right. I KNOW you understand. πŸ™‚ You are a level beyond me for sure…(or a million levels but who's counting) Anyway thanks again!!!

  10. Kristen, I'm a new follower! Thank you so much for this post! One of our teacher stores in my city gives away those big lovely desk calendars, but I was out of town and missed it. I can't wait to put a binder like this together so thank you for sharing these files!

    I'm wondering where I can get the year long calendar from Leslie. I'm also wondering if I could get your running record sheet. Please tell me you cut off the numbers after 11…I'll have at least 27 little 1st graders in my classroom this year. I'm going to be organized to keep track of them all!!!!

    Thank you!!!
    Marcy @

  11. Mrs. Moran says:

    Kristen~ I, too, am a new follower and love everything that you have done! I love these labels you have designed. I may have to switch how I do my plans based on how cute these tabs are!

    Thank you!

  12. Diane says:

    I just recently found your blog. In fact, I only learned about 3 months ago that teachers have blogs. I recently started a blog so that I can be involved in the Postcard Exchange. I'm hoping when school begins I'll have more to say. Right now I don't have much since I don't know anything about first grade (I'm being transferred to 1st grade this year and am quite nervous about this.) You have such awesome ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I really like using binders, too. I find them so much more useful than a file. I taught 4th and 5th grades and had them using binders. The last two years I taught 3rd grade and they had a binder. This year I'm having to move to 1st grade and I think I'm going to attempt binders with them, for taking home and maybe for Math and Reading, but not for all subjects.

    This binder is wonderful! It would be great to have everything in one binder. I really like your tabs and the page for meeting notes. Thanks for sharing these. I'm going to use these as soon as I get my Lesson Plan binder set up with a new Lesson Plan form.


  13. Ms.M says:

    I LOVE binders too! There is something about a nice, new, clean binder that makes me so happy. I love how you color coded everything. Very nice and inspirational. πŸ™‚

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  14. M.E. Hall says:

    This just might be my favorite binder I have every seen…with the colors and organization…so wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!


  15. Leann says:

    Wow! Some great organizing tips. I have always had a binder…just never this organized! I was wondering if you could post a copy of you F&P levels? I love, love, love it!

  16. czarina says:

    How big is this binder? I've put together a binder in place of a pre-made teacher plan book, because I do pull-out of several different grades and I need something a little more personalized. It has student info, grading, and short & long term lesson planning sections. I have a separate binder for meetings and professional development, though, because I don't really want to carry around a binder more than 1.5"

  17. Cindy says:

    Thank you for sharing these great organizers!

  18. mtompkins says:

    I keep everything in one main binder too. But I love how organized and neat yours looks! Seeing things so neatly organized makes me giddy. haha! Thanks for sharing!!

    WILD About First Grade!

  19. Julianne says:

    I adore your tabs! I need to find a cuter way to do my tabs and now you have totally inspired me! I have a tutorial on my blog for how to make a fabric binder cover that turns your binder into a tote. I have found that it makes the all one in binder even that much better! you can see the tutorial here if you are interested:

    I am always so inspired by your blog, thanks for always sharing your great ideas!

  20. Laura says:

    Do you mind sharing your grading scale files? My scales are similar but would love to use what you've created (if you don't mind)? Thanks!


  21. Sunny says:

    I LOVE this Kristen! I am a huge fan of binders too, just because they make everything much easier to find! [I even asked our home-school coordinator, who coordinates donations to our school, to try to snag me 30 binders for my students!] Last year I had a big binder to house all of my teachery goodness and I am planning to do that again this year. It just makes my life so much easier!

  22. Digital Diva says:

    LOL! I'm a binder-aholic too! And I LOVE the beginning of the school year when I can create new sections and everything is so neat.

    I love your color coded chart for the Guided Reading Levels. Are you willing to share that? Thanks!

  23. Mrs. Magee says:

    Sexy binder! I am so making my own tabs! πŸ˜‰ Love this!


  24. Rachelle says:

    I feel like we haven't "talked" in forever! I'm stopping by to say:

    1. I'm in love with this post and the amazing files your shared.
    2. I LOVE your blog and I hope you know how appreciated you are!


  25. Mrs. Carico says:

    Love this! Do you mind sharing which program you used to make the tabs, or share the smaller tabs? I would like some for calendar, and for the subjects I teach!

  26. Lisa says:

    I use binders for absolutely everything in my classroom. I hate to file! One idea is to place master copies inside plastic sleeves. Carry the binder to the copier, take out the master and copy it, and then put it right back into the binder. Your big circle tabs are a great idea to. It makes finding what you need even easier.

    Effective Teaching Articles Blog

  27. Mrs. Pollard says:

    This is a brilliant idea! I was so inspired when I saw your post that I made my very own binder today. I made a few changes to meet my needs, but wouldn't have been able to do it without your inspiration! I blogged about it and linked back to you and Kindergarten Works. Thanks for sharing!

  28. I am in love with your leveled reader color coded chart- Any way I could get a copy???

  29. Wow! Thanks so much! This comes at the perfect time, just started the redo for this years binder. LOVE LOVE LOVE the labels.

  30. ellen says:

    Love your ideas! I have tried for years to get all my stuff into one binder and find I have had several binders that I don't really use. I love your tips and feel ready to tackle the binder solution once and for all! I would also love a copy of your F& P reading guide you have on your cover.. could you share where you got it? thanks so much!

  31. Kristen says:

    You guys are the best, thank you SO MUCH for all of the kind comments! I'm sharing the color-coded charts tonight and will share the grading sheets and forms tomorrow. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  32. Martha says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your binder ideas…love having everything in one place!!

  33. Great post Kristen! Gotta love how organization can transcend from K to upper grades πŸ˜‰ Oooh, and I totally tried your suggestion of using inlinkz to help organize freebies and such – thanks!
    – Leslie

  34. Wow! Awesome!!!! I have had a binder in the past, but never so pretty. I am great a copying, but can never come up with this kind of stuff on my own. :0( I really like how your "old" lesson plan format looks. Is there anyway you could share it- esp. in a document that we can format? I am not very good at creating those boxes and things. :0) I love your blog and your kids (and mine too!) are so lucky for you! Thank you for being such a generous person with sharing all your wonderful ideas!

  35. Anonymous says:

    These are great! Could you send me the running record and the grading reference sheets? We have standard based report cards as well.

    -Thanks! Ashley

  36. Mrs. Luna says:

    So organized, I love it!

  37. Teresa says:

    I have a binder too! I am going to make a few tweaks this year {it will be my 2nd year using it}. You have given me some great ideas though!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  38. I love your ideas for keeping organized! Would you be willing to share your daily schedule lesson plans?

  39. Mrs. D says:

    I love your binder. Can you tell me the font you used on your tabs? I need a few more than the 4 provided (which I love and already have in place) I'd like them all to match…call me OCD, but I cannot stand mismatched binders.

    Mrs. D

  40. Sunny says:

    I'm with Kelsey — I would love your daily schedule plan template. I LOVE it!

  41. Kristy says:

    I've been looking all over for a new lesson plan template. Any chance you'd be willing to share yours?

  42. Mrs. Peppers says:

    I would like a copy of your lesson plan templates and actually the whole binder….love love love the fonts and everything about it even if it is different than what I will be using I would love it all!
    Thanks so much

  43. I love binders as well, but I keep two b/c my lesson plan binder gets pretty thick pretty quick.Do you clean out your lesson plans and store them somewhere throughout the year?

  44. Kristen says:

    Hey DeeTeacher! I haven't kept everything together like this before but I'm guessing that I will need an "archive" binder for things at some point in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

  45. Ms.M says:

    I've kept a similar binder, although not as detailed, and I usually keep my lesson in it all year and then recycle them on the last day. Hope that helps.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  46. Angela says:

    Thanks Kristen! I'm using a binder this year as well. I will use the Meeting Notes for sure. I was just going to have lined paper in my Meetings section… your notes are much cuter! :o)

    Mrs. Lopac Teaches…

  47. Any chance you are willing to share your day plan template in a .docx file? Mine seriously needs a makeover and yours is perfect!


  48. Morgane says:

    i'm a french teacher ans i would love to have this perfect organization too ! Could i ask you where do you create this one ?
    Thanks a lot

  49. Kristen says:

    Morgane, hi! I just made all of the parts I would need myself–it's kind of customized for everything I use in the year πŸ™‚

    To everyone else who asked about the template, I will try to share that soon!

  50. Sophia S says:

    I love this binder! I am making one for my student teacher to use her first year of teaching. What new teacher wouldn't love to start off organized? Maybe I'm just sleep deprived but I couldn't find where you posted the F & P charts. Can you redirect me or email them? Thanks!

  51. Morgane says:

    Kristen you've inspired me : my binder is ready with color and everything i need ! thanks a lot !
    Just a question : where did you find the laminated paper to impress your tabs ( can't find anything here πŸ™

  52. Kristen says:

    Hey Morgane! I just laminated them at home (I have one of those little laminators) and taped them on with packing tape πŸ™‚

  53. Kristen says:

    I posted the lesson plan template, I'm sorry for the long delay–I'm finally settled somewhat for the year!! πŸ™‚

  54. CMARSalter says:

    Do you have your P&F chart anywhere? I would LOVE a color chart for my binder! :o)

  55. Jill says:

    I have searched your blog all over looking for your color coded guided reading file. We are just moving to this system and I would love to have your chart. I have it pinned on pinterest and keep coming back to your blog to try to find it. Would you be willing to email it to me? Thanks so much!

  56. Kristen says:

    I'm emailing you now Jill πŸ™‚

  57. Kathy says:

    I still can't find the guided reading chart. It is set up like something I have but so much more user friendly. Am I missing the link?

  58. Unknown says:

    I too have been searching high and low for the color coded guided reading file. I would love to have a copy if you are willing to share it. Thanks so much!

  59. 3rdgrade says:

    Hi Kristen,

    We use Fountas and Pinell, as well. I was telling some colleagues about your site and your color-coded reading chart. I would love to be able to run copies for reference. Would you mind emailing a copy? Your work is fantastic and MUCH appreciated!

  60. Amy L says:

    I would love to have your lesson plan template!!

  61. Kathy says:

    Thanks for posting the GR files. Much appreciated!

  62. Michelle says:

    Could you please send me the templates for the calendar and lesson plan pretty please… I'd greatly appreciate it!

  63. Mrs. V says:

    I love this! I have been trying to figure out what my organization system will look like. This is a great way to organize simply but effectively. Just what I need. Thank you for sharing!

  64. I love your binder!! Is it possible to get the other templates?? I downloaded the calender and notes pages and love them!!! Thanks so much!!

  65. Tiffany Banks says:

    Hi!! I love this idea! I just found this on Pinterest. I can't seem to find where you shared the sheet with the guided reading levels. Can you help me locate where this resource is? Thanks!!

  66. Tiffany says:

    My email is

  67. marsterlb15 says:

    Can you e-mail me the day at a glance please? I can't get it to download…It keeps saying error.

  68. mamtsberg says:

    I love your lesson plan format from last year… actually all of your planning documents. I was not sure if you had these as Freebies, or in a teachers notebook store… but they are GREAT! Would you be willing to share these with me? My email is

  69. Anonymous says:

    I would love it if you could post the color coded reading levels form! Or put it in your shop, I bet it would be a best seller!

  70. This is my first year with the Fountas and Pinnel Guided reading program! Your chart is absolutely amazing!!! You have given me some amazing ideas for my second year of teaching and how I should go about organizing. Would you be willing to share your guided reading chart?! (I agree with Kim…it would probably be a top seller). Thanks again for your great ideas!!!!


  71. Gigi says:

    I found this post through pinterest. Later I wanted to come back to it so I just went directly to your blog and thought I would find it under organization. Just a thought to put it there since it is so popular!
    I am a College professor and work part time teaching children. I am using this for my College notebook that I can never get quite right. I will post sometime soon and link back. Thank you!

    • Kristen says:

      Thanks Gigi! And I appreciate you telling me that…I will be putting an additional link for this under organization in the future–thanks!! πŸ™‚

  72. Tammy says:

    WOW!! That must be a pretty BIG binder to fit all of that information into. How large of a binder do you use? I loved a lot of your ideas especially the tabs and the meeting notes. I also take a notebook with me to meetings. I never get finished with a notebook by the end of the year and then I feel bad about not continuing to use it the following year. I know its wasteful but I love buying things brand new. Thanks for the many ideas that you gave me.

    Mrs Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  73. Mrs. H says:

    What font did you use on the lesson plan template??? I'm recreating it and I love it! I searched through my Kevin and Amanda fonts, but I'm still not sure which one it is.


    p.s. I love your blog. I'm a little obsessed at the moment. πŸ™‚

  74. Mrs. H says:

    Sorry! I just saw the other post about the template. THANK YOU!!!

  75. Nicki says:

    I love the lesson plan template you shared! I referenced it in my recent blog post! Check it out – and thanks for sharing!

  76. Anonymous says:

    I am student teaching this semester and would like to know if you could email me the template for your lesson plans. I think your lesson plans will work perfectly for me!
    I love your organization skills!

  77. Ross Family says:

    Is there anywhere you have a copy of your old lesson plan template? I love it and tried to make one and am having trouble with the boxes. Is it somewhere I could purchase it? Thanks

  78. Anonymous says:

    wow, i am going to try this. will use colorful binders for different content.

  79. Anonymous says:


    I love your binder basics!! I was wondering if you could send me a copy of your lesson plan template — it's very easy to read and set up so nicely. I can't seem to open it in word just retrieve it as read only. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  80. Just wondering you would share your lesson template (old one from last year with the sqaures)? I know I can make it, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for all the great resources and ideas! I have already printed your calendar template for my binder this year!


  81. Anonymous says:

    Hello! It's so awesome to find upper grade blogs! I have found many things on your site that are so helpful, thanks! Would I be able to get a copy of the color-coded leveled reading chart? I greatly appreciate it!
    Michelle S

  82. wyguymom says:

    I'm looking for a new lesson plan template… do you share the one pictured here somewhere? : )

    wyguymom at gmail dot com

  83. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering the same thing… would share your lesson template (old one from last year with the sqaures)? I know I can make it, but I figured I would ask. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for all the great resources and ideas! I have started printing for my binder and liked your planning sheet.

    amy r:)

  84. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your lesson plan template and F&P Charts!!!

  85. Anonymous says:

    I love the Fountas and Pinnell color coded page. Can I get a copy of it? Thanks!

  86. Colleen says:

    I love your Running Records Sheet! I was wondering if you would share it and if it were possible to edit it to include a larger number of students (like 15-20 or so)? If you don't mind sharing, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm a new follower of your blog and recently made my own teacher binder (based off of yours and some others' tips). Thanks so much! You can email me at

    ~ Colleen

  87. Anonymous says:


    I am a pre-service teacher and am heading out to complete my third teaching placement in a few weeks. I'm very excited, but as it will be my third placement I will have more responsibilities and will be teaching a number of subjects. So I have been looking for ideas on binders and how to organize unit and lesson plans and all the other important stuff I will be keeping track of. I am the kind of person (as I'm sure most teachers are) that is almost obsessive about organization. I love, love, love your binder idea! I am going to do one just like it (imitation is the best form of flattery!). Thank you for sharing this with us!

    I will also "pearltree" you blog so that I can check it out often.


  88. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog (through pinterest)! I was wondering if you would email me the colored Guided Reading Level chart. It's great!

  89. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH love it! I usually keep my stuff in way too many binders. I'm gonna snag some of your ideas and get a bit more manageably organized tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

  90. asadowski says:

    I love your site! I am a Title I Reading teacher in Racine, WI and found your site last year! Love it! Question – Have you seen the new F&P grade level alignments?

    I would love a copy of the color coded F&P chart from your binder if it is aligned to the new grade levels. Is that possible? My email address is and THANKS in advance for your help!


  91. martha says:

    thank you so much for your tips

  92. I love your blog and your ideas and I am inspired by your organization! I was also wondering about your Fountas and Pinnell chart. I know others have asked, but I would love to get that. Are you sharing it?

  93. Anonymous says:

    Can you send a copy of lesson plans

  94. Anonymous says:

    Can you send a copy of lesson plans

  95. Hi! I love your binder and am wondering if I can get a copy of the whole set. We do Fountas and Pinnell also. Thanks so much. I love your set up and, of course, the font!


  96. I, too, would love a copy of the Fountas and Pinnell grade/level chart. Thanks if you are able.

  97. MsAmandaLong says:

    Love this! I have a binder for everything, but this has some great additions/ideas I will add!


  98. Rachel says:

    This is so fantastic!! I have been looking for something to keep me organized in my first year of teaching and I think this will do the trick! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  99. What a great blog you have, and your TPT products as well!Laura


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