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I’ve had several requests to go over how to add buttons to a sidebar, as well as how to center those buttons. This quick video will show you how to do that: For all of you wonderful bloggers with giveaways going on, you won’t want to miss the video tutorial on Numbering Comments. It’ll save […]

Video Tutorial: Adding and centering sidebar buttons

And do you know what that means?? A quick and easy way to find the winner of your next giveaway! And it’s really easy too…way easier than some of the things we have tried together on the previous videos. All you will need to do is download this Word document and watch the video below…

Video Tutorial: Numbering Comments!

Have you ever had a hard time finding the place to comment on a blog…even on your own? It’s sometimes hard to see that tiny little comment link, what with the post itself, documents, images, labels, and so on. After you watch this tutorial today, you will be able to create some flair to add […]

Video Tutorial: Adding flair to your comments link

I know I have written about this before, but I did find some new code yesterday to make your link look italicized (in addition to the bold)! It really makes the link stand out even more! See the sample below… I’m embedding the videos on my blog now… 🙂

Leaving direct links in comments

Eeek! I can’t believe I got this to work, but I made a quick video tutorial on changing sidebar titles and fonts! I would love to hear your thoughts if you get the chance. I’m thinking of redoing my other tutorials as videos. Would anyone be interested in that? Thanks so much for checking it […]

My first video tutorial! (Sidebar & Date Fonts)