Tutorial: Customizing your button bar

  1. Mrs. Saoud says:

    I need differentiation! I don't seem to understand how to make the buttons. I have pages on my blog. I was trying to get the page links to look like your buttons. This must be two different steps. I am a member of Thistlegirl too. Will you assist me?


  2. Hi Mrs. Saoud,
    I will be happy to help…I will send you a more detailed message tomorrow morning (I hope it will be of help!)

  3. Hello Ladybug! I´m trying so hard to make my blog… it is a very new thing where I live, but I wanted to do it right, so everyone else can realize the importance of blog.
    My blog is new, but I want it to have the buttons thing before I start, so can I organize the information, or a need to have some things posted in the blog before I started.

    Margarita (from Bogota, Colombia)

  4. Anderson says:

    Thank you for this easy tutorial. I knew it couldn't be hard but everyone was making it so complicated! Thanks so much!

  5. liam says:

    I DID IT! I made my own buttons! this is so exciting, Kristen. Thanks for your help…AGAIN!

  6. Laurie says:

    Hi, I'm trying to make my own buttons…but seem to be running into trouble!! I can make them and post them (in a row) on my blog but there's a HUGE space between the buttons and my first post. Is there a reason why it's doing this?

    Also, I made a button on the side with my blog pic…shouldn't a code be appearing below that people can copy? I don't see it either.



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