The Word of the Day

January 9, 2011

The Word of the Day

January 9, 2011
I wanted to take a break from my planning and housework today to share something I just whipped up for my kids.

And because it’s way more fun to blog than plan or do laundry!

I don’t know if your school does something similar, but we have a “Word of the Day” each morning on the announcements. The announcers read the word, give a quick definition, and use it in a few sentences.

Many of my ELL students love this part of the morning. They listen carefully for the word, work on pronouncing it correctly, and try to spell it accurately.

I, of course, love it because they are listening to gain information in English, working on defining words based on context clues, spelling new and unfamiliar words and so on. We usually write this word on the whiteboard, use it in our own sentences, break it into syllables to spell it…it’s just great.

I wanted to make something a bit more permanent however, because you always have those students who utilize everything as a resource…charts, posters, books, everything. I have several of those kind of students this year.

So, I made a two page chart to record the word, the definition, and a sentence to put the word in context. This is what we already do in class. The only difference is, I’m hoping to keep these together on rings, so students can refer back to words when they need them in the future.

I made circle for the hole punches, but only on the first page…since the paper can be copied back-to-back and flipped each day.

I used two of those binder rings I had lying around on my desk (is that their official name?).

For the top part, I’m going to use some of those little 3M hooks and attach it to the front whiteboard. I’ll keep the whole thing kid-height, so the students can reference the chart

(though now that I’m typing this, I don’t know what I mean…my 5th graders are almost taller than I am! And I’m not that short!!).

We’ll just flip to a new page each day for the new word. I hope you can perhaps use this as well…even if you do your own “Word of the Day” within your classroom. The two page file is below:

“Word of the Day” chart


  • Angelina Ford June 24, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    I love this idea. I did something similar with my students when I taught 1st grade a few years ago. I did it with their 'primary composition notebooks'. It went like this…
    Today is…(Monday, January 3, 2008). The word of the day is…(the word). (the word) …means… (the word definition). (Then we use the word in a sentence). Lastly, they draw a picture of what the word means.

  • Colleen September 12, 2012 at 1:31 am

    I was just curious was font you used for this. I thought it would be nice and easier to type in the word of the day and use a different color.

    • Kristen September 16, 2012 at 12:29 am

      It's Elephants in Cherry Trees by Kevin and Amanda 🙂

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